In August 2003, Dolores D. Fisk, participated as a volunteer in the New Community Project, "Reconstruction and Enlargement of the CESAMO Municipal Health Center" sponsored by the Heifer International Foundation. The small, struggling health center was servicing as many as 5,500 patients annually, of which 55% were less than five years of age.

The purpose of the project was to provide restorative assistance to the center located in a rural, isolated area of Honduras. The center was in disrepair and lacked the basic physical conditions to function as a clinic, consisting of only three small rooms, a treatment room, a doctor's office and a waiting room. The center lacked bathroom facilities for both patients and staff, and had no laundry facilities. Ms. Fisk and the team of volunteers assisted in making a number of physical improvements to the facility and its surrounding environment. They dug trenches, cut steel rebars, poured concrete and moved stones to add a foundation in order to expand the size of the facility.

After the project, Ms. Fisk met with officials of the U.S. Agency for International Develop, (USAID), The Heifer International Foundation, The New Community Project, Faith-Based Organizations and non-government organizations (NGO) to explore how to assist impoverished communities. Based on her consultations with staff from these organizations Ms. Fisk decided in 2004 to start GAMT, the Global Assistance, Management and Training Non-profit Organization.

Since then Ms. Fisk has been working on achieving her vision of bringing to fruition a nonprofit organization that would serve in a leadership capacity to harness and integrate the talents and resources of sponsors, service providers, technical experts and supporters who share the common goal of helping those in need. Having founded and managed a successful small Information Technology business since 1988, Ms. Fisk gained extensive corporate experience in providing a wide range of programs and services to diverse international customers. She leveraged her business contacts to assist in promoting information technology sharing to countries in Africa, South Africa, former soviet Russian countries, and Central and South America. She also worked with sponsors who provided toys for children.

During her tenure as Chief Executive Officer Ms. Fisk's company managed a number of projects in developing countries and other locations where she personally observed the daily struggles and hardships of individuals and families laboring intensively for the minimum essentials necessary to survive. In response to these global, humanitarian needs, Ms. Fisk developed GAMT's management structure and organizational capability - which includes a network of contacts - to deliver desperately needed programs and services. GAMT focuses on "Connecting the dots for Humanity," by managing the processes that integrate sponsors and service providers to meet a variety of global, humanitarian needs. GAMT also provides consulting, training and technology services. The training section of GAMT is comprised of associates who are professional lecturers, academic professors, subject matter experts (SMEs), facilitators and conference speakers. These professionals provide training expertise on a variety of topics such as effective program management and other content areas relevant to their fields of expertise in scientific, technical, business, leadership and engineering disciplines.